Main Exhibition : The Making Process
A Meeting of Craft and New Technology
Beyond the traditional and modern, a look into the future of craft
An exhibition where you can experience the future of craft through the encounter between humanity’s delicate hands and the cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century 
"The Making Process" exhibit was designed under the 2015 Cheongju International Craft Biennale‘s theme of "HANDS+ : Expansion & Coexistence." Selecting, from the perspective of “process,” artists who have sustained artistic creative activity as well as the works of various organizations, this exhibit attempts to reveal a new paradigm of craft. It will be an opportunity to view, through the creative output not just of Korea but of the entire world, some of the fundamental issues of modern craft in the 21st century, issues borne out of the considerations and aims that resulted from production methods and materials which, from the distant past straight through to the digitalized modern, have evolved in tandem with developments in tools, and from the expanded concept of craft within the coexistence of art, design, and technology which emerged from generational research. 

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