The Joys of the Marketplace
A multicultural space where you can experience works of craft and design that will lead new trends and browse or purchase the many works of everyday craft, design, and art on display
The Cheongju International Craft Fair endeavors to promote and strengthen the development of craft while displaying a new vision for the global craft market.
Distinguishing it from other domestic and international craft fairs, the Cheongju International Craft Fair, as a sympathetic industry, puts on display new craft trends and offers a multicultural space within which to shop, appreciate craft works, propose new trends, and heal. One can view at a glance diverse products of Korean craft and design and, over conversation, begin a collection. Enjoy introductions to national and regional craft workshops as well as the fresh, youthful works and merchandise of students in the design and craft departments at universities across the country.
-Cheongju International Craft Fair
-Cheongju International Art Fair
-Weekend Craft Market
  open this summer, June through August, every Saturday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

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